Julia Straley 

︎︎︎    is a graphic designer in Richmond, Virginia freelancing for local artists and businesses.

︎︎︎    She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Graphic Design (VCUarts) in December of 2019.

︎︎︎    She is passionate about the intersections of publishing, typography as image, archiving and
re-contextualizing information in her design practice.

︎︎︎    She has participated in a number of exhibitions and was a 2019 nominee and runner up for the TDC Typographic Scholarship.

︎︎︎    Projects of contribution have been published at Mousse Publishing and featured on AIGA Eye on Design.

︎   juliastraleydesign@gmail.com
︎   (540) 834 3997
︎   CV available upon request